Songs made with: Monologue

Week 13 of 2014

This week there was Dynamic Range Day. I continue recording my songs with no compression or maximizer or anything like that on the master out channels. Hence the low volume of the songs, but instead they have a good dynamic range. This song has DR: 11.

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Week 12 of 2014

A bit mysterious but funny kinda song. I think I will start using Prologue more often again. It helps come up with some interesting things.

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Week 15 of 2013

Rather chill drum & bass kinda song. Very low volume unfortunately. A change to different chords would have made it better.

I’m going on a spontaneous trip for about two weeks, so no song next week and maybe the following either.

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Week 12 of 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve used any kind of compression to try and make the songs louder. I used to put the Maximizer plug-in on the main out channel until I decided to participate in the KVR Audio – One Synth Challenge, where they encourage to include the dynamic range number.

Today is Dynamic Range Day and I’m glad that I can say it has been a lot of weeks already since I joined the movement against the ‘loudness war’. This week’s song has a value of DR10.

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Week 10 of 2013

This song has 2 bass tracks and 2 drum tracks. And another one that practically contains yet another bass line. And that pretty much makes up most of the song. The rest are 3 tracks with some effects and a lead.

After this song I will be out of free minutes on soundcloud. I guess I will be upgrading now to the lite version.

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Week 28 of 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve used anything besides the minimoog-v, except Groove Agent ONE for the beats. For this song the bass that I used initially sounded cool but it didn’t have enough bottom end to it. So I decided to add a second bass with the highs filtered out. I couldn’t find a bass that I liked to do this in the minimoog-v and that’s why I ended up using Monologue for that second bass.

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Week 22 of 2012

This week I’m back at using only the Steinberg soft synths. Not that I choose to, I just couldn’t find any sounds that I felt like using from Native Instruments. It was a pretty quick and simple song.

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Week 12 of 2012

This is my longest song so far I think. I try to keep them under a minute and a half but this time I had many parts that I wanted to use and some that I wanted to repeat. It’s mostly guitar based and just a little pad at the end. Of course also bass (synth) and there are two drum tracks to use two different presets from Groove Agent ONE. The main sound of the song comes from the ModMachine delay plug in on the two main guitar tracks.

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Week 10 of 2012

This was supposed to be week 9 but I had an (unplanned) visit from a (beautiful) stranger which took much of my attention for the last many (awesome) days, so I just now finished this song :)

Also part of the reason why I didn’t finish it sooner is because it was a particularly difficult song in the sense that for the first time I used the signature and tempo tracks. The two different parts of the song have different tempos and different time signatures. I was trying to find a way to make the parts blend a bit better with each other but not sure if it went too well.

There’s only one guitar track playing at the time for each of the parts. So you only hear one guitar playing at the time at any one point. The guitar tracks are unprocessed except for a little bit of delay for one of the parts.

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Week 1 of 2012

First song of the year, after I decided to have a two week break. Let’s see how many songs I can finish this year since I’m not sure what I will do all year. If I don’t go traveling or do things where I won’t have access to my computer and equipment I’d like to have close to 50 songs. Also, you can expect some changes to the website ;)

As happens often, this song started with a certain instrument and by the end it was of least importance for the song as new instruments were added and created what ended up being the main parts of the song.

I think Spector is now my least favorite synth in Cubase. Not because of the sounds but because it is very unpredictable. It strangely changes from note to note, sometimes sounding like a completely different preset. Sometimes the loudness changes from note to note and some notes don’t even play sometimes.

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